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5 Ways to Sabotage Yourself: And How to Stop It

stop sabotaging yourself

It should be considered an ethical crime! No matter how talented some people are or how hard they work, they never unlock their full potential due to internal conflict. Sabotaging yourself is one such conflict that happens internally, even if you use external stimuli as the root of this evil. 

This post will explain the five most common ways salespeople sabotage themselves and how you can stop sabotaging yourself. 


Doubt kills more dreams than fear. Doubting yourself is a form of insecurity that creeps into your soul and keeps you from achieving what you can. Doubt is a quality we get taught by others during our lives, not something we are born with. Unfortunately, others impose doubt on us, and it is hard to evict.

To initiate the doubt destruction protocol, remind yourself that you don’t have to believe others’ opinions about what you can do and what not. Define your strengths and weaknesses, and only think about what’s true. 


High standards are generally good because they keep you focused and aligned. On the other hand, setting the bar too high can backfire. Remember that everyone is bound to reality, and there is stuff you can’t control. Go on and try to do your best but don’t blame yourself if there are things you can’t control.

Your aim should be to do the best you can with what you have in a way you can control.


I’m sorry to break it to you. No human can achieve perfection. There is always going to be something off. But let’s not judge that as good or bad. That is just how nature works.

The need to be perfect often derives from medical conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorders. If you suffer from the need to be perfect in your life as a total and can’t handle it yourself, it wouldn’t harm seeing a mental health professional. 


Some people start from different points. Comparing yourself to others’ results is the fastest route to disappointment and depression. It doesn’t matter if somebody is genuinely more talented than you or if they have some leverage and achieve more sales than you. 

What you have to do is focus on yourself, use the resources you have, and do the best you can. 


Sometimes people are afraid to shake the waters or are too timid to take action, but that’s not the right attitude, especially if you are a salesperson. 

While you are a part of your organization, allow yourself some time to get familiar with the rules and the hierarchy. Once you know how things work, get out there and do something. If your fear derives from some deep inner cause, you’ll have to figure that out and probably start doing what scares you while using common sense and staying safe.

By now, you must be able to recognize if you are sabotaging yourself and in what ways. As always, things are easier said than done, so make a conscious effort to stop sabotaging yourself and allow some space for the personal and professional growth you deserve.