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Only 13% of Prospects Believe  Salespeople Understand Their Needs

- Richardson Sales Training

sales enablement

Conversations are becoming
more difficult

  • 53 percent of salespeople hit their quota last year. Salespeople struggle to have conversations with customers.(Sales Benchmark Index)

  • 42 percent of sales reps feel they don’t have enough information before making a call. (DiscoverOrg)

  • 39 percent of a sales rep’s time is spent selling or interacting with prospects and customers. (Hubspot)

  • 65 percent of executives believe salespeople aren’t prepared to talk about their reality. (Forrester)

  • 54 percent of sales reps effectively handle objections during a sales call. Many salespeople struggle with what to say. (

  • Knowledge of the product and market is the leading indicator of high rep performance. (Training Industry)
Messaging Barriers to Sales Strategy

Can't Navigate Committees?

"We had a potential deal with a large organization that involved a buying committee of various stakeholders. However, our salesperson focused primarily on the main contact, ignoring the rest of the committee. He failed to understand and address the unique concerns and needs of each stakeholder. This oversight led to discord within the committee and ultimately resulted in the delay and eventual loss of the deal, highlighting the importance of effectively managing all members of a buying committee."

-- RVP, Enterprise Accounts


Losing to “no decision” is the number one challenge of selling complex solutions (Aberdeen group)

Gartner research identified that executive sales leaders could increase sellers’ odds of closing high-quality,
low-regret deals by 157% by making customers feel more confident. 

Sellers help buyers make sense of their world. 

It's clear:
Salespeople need help.  They need to know what to say

When you and your team deploy Salesfuse, you bring together the following:

  • Product strategy, brand strategy, and sales conversations 
  • Manager coaching with messages that buyers need to hear
  • Marketing messages with sales conversations
  • Sales situations with seller action
  • Customer objections to the right technique
  • Product marketing with sales conversations
  • Your brand with sales skills
  • Value communication with solution benefits
  • The sales process
  • Say-to-sell ingredients sellers need to be successful
Ingredients updated

66% of the content from suppliers appears trustworthy,
but it is contradictory - Gartner

Give Sellers What They Need to Say to Sell