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Inner Peace: Why You Should Stop Hating Your Boss


There are times when you will feel like you are not appreciated or like you should be getting paid more money than you currently do. After all, isn’t it unfair to be doing all the work to make your boss rich? 


No, it is not unfair because there are more to it than meets the eye. Hating your superiors is not bad for them, it is bad for you. This post is going to prove to you that you are the problem rather than your superiors and will explore how you can come in terms with yourself in order to live a more fulfilling business life. 


You are in for a serious reality check since you need to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes and be honest towards yourself. 



Yes, it might be true that you are killing yourself over your job as a salesperson but your superiors are still being paid more than you do. But have you ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered why you are not the boss in the first place?


Like many other ideas in our world, business is a convention and there is a hierarchy in that convention. If you view it in perspective, you earn your money doing your job but you are also an expense to the stakeholders because they are the ones that need to pay you. 


The owners of your company have created the job position you are filling. This is not said to make you feel grateful but in order to give you some perspective. It all depends on the rules you set. If you think about it as time and effort equals payment, then yes, you deserve to get paid more. 


But what about if risk was the rule?



Just like an investment, the higher the risk, the greater the return. Your boss has taken a risk, has created the company and has applied a vision into the real world. If you are working under a boss or manager, chances are that you have not taken any risks in your own life or that you have failed in creating your vision. 


Whatever the case, it is not fair or unfair. It is your own decision to be where you are. You need to come in terms with your abilities or your luck or your lack of connections. Your boss is probably doing something that he’s better than you at and you might be doing something that you’re doing better than them at.


However, you are the one that has chosen safety over risk and that is what you are getting paid for. 



To conclude, all of this discussion showcases how your beliefs are keeping you back from being fulfilled from what you do. It’s perfectly normal to be wanting more but don’t compare yourself to others. 


For better or worse, if you are feeling unhappy with your job or can’t settle your emotions down, maybe it’s time to do something else, like trying to build your own business. 


Try to ditch the victim mentality and realize that you are free to become the boss and try whatever you want to try. Stop hating on others because, as Buddha said, that’s like drinking poison and expecting somebody else to die.