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How Your Boss Knows if Youre a Stellar Salesperson

How Your Boss Knows if Youre a Stellar Salesperson

While you are doing your best to get that dream job of yours, that company’s human resources executives are hoping to meet the perfect candidate. And while you are thinking about the best way of asking your boss for a raise, your boss is busy monitoring a million things, which makes you wonder how to show them that you are worthy of a raise. 

Luckily, there is a correlation between an employee and a boss, because both of them are after the same goals, just in different scales. Since your boss is a busy person, they use some shortcuts to determine if you are good at your job or not. Developing these 5 attributes will help you communicate both the value of your job and your personality but also make you a better salesperson for yourself. 



Setting on-job goals shows that you are mature enough to organize your tasks and act in accordance to the company’s goals, which is important because time is of the essence in business. 

It also demonstrates that you are trying to be efficient and you are actually after results and not easy money. It’s not uncommon for people to be waiting for instructions from their managers and being unable to manage their time on the job or even identify what they need to do next. 

Set your on-job goals. The fact of desiring to be efficient will make you more efficient.



Taking note of those tiny details that make a difference demonstrates that you care. Do not hesitate to discuss your observations with your manager or boss and ask them if you can implement your ideas. 

You will get a yes or a no but that doesn’t really matter. Paying attention to details means that you are trying to evolve, you are not stationary. Constant growth is an essential part of success. 


The way you communicate with your fellow team members has to do with your personality. We all transfer our personalities into our job roles. Being respectful towards your prospects but not towards your co-workers is a sign of incompetency. 

Fake smiles and pretending to be listening may take you up to a certain point but it won’t get you far. Communicating with politeness and staying calm towards others’ behaviors means that you are a real professional. 



Be careful with this one. Don’t touch the stuff that other people don’t want to be touched, whether that’s your manager or co-worker. On the other hand, if you are certain that something needs to get done and you have the time to do it, go on and get it done. 


No matter how good you are, nobody knows everything. Take a step back and listen to your manager’s suggestions. Maybe it’s same old same old but maybe there’s something useful in there.  

Be willing to listen and learn and do that for you, not for others. There is no successful person out in the world that doesn’t like learning and taking their knowledge to the next level.  

Trying hard to show off is not what professionals do. When you try to be effective at what you do by constantly learning, paying attention to details, setting on-job goals and taking initiative while also being close to your team, is when the people around will know that you are a killer salesperson.